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Bintoro Build : We Help to Build Your Dream House

In this modern era, all aspect of building which includes beauty, endurance, and pricing have to be carefully look at. Time efficiency and best building process standard are needed to build a strong construction. Therefore, Bintoro Build is here to fulfill your dream to have a strong and beautiful house with AFFORDABLE pricing through renovation service, building contractor and architecture.

About Us


Construction Field

All things in construction have to be done carefully in the best focus with enough experience in the field. Building renovation service will become more effective if the building is inspected beforehand in the same way that is done in building architecture. With our experience, we are confidence to be able to do all construction that is given to us with the best result.

  • House renovation
  • Remodeling
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Interior Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall Repair/Install
  • Flooring
  • Electrical Services
  • Architecture

Our Main Service

Here are our main services that you can use :

Other services that we provided such as :

  • Renovation and home improvement service
  • Renovation and shop improvement service
  • Renovation and bathroom improvement service
  • Renovation and roof improvement service
  • Renovation and flooring improvement service
  • Renovation and fence improvement service
  • Add new house level renovation service
  • Add new room renovation service
  • Add flat Roof renovation service
  • Painting service
  • House contractor service
  • Shop contractor service
  • Office contractor service
  • Warehouse contractor service
  • Swimming pool contractor service
  • Boarding house contractor service
  • Carport contractor service
  • Architecture service
  • 3D house architecture service
  • Blueprint maker service
  • Interior design service
  • Interior service
  • Partition maker service
  • Canopy installation service
  • Lightweight steel roof truss selling
  • Rolling door selling
  • Door and window sills service
  • Well drilling service

the Right Choice for Your Renovation Service, Building Contractor, and Architecture

Professional Staff

All of our staff and management team are selected people that are expert in their field, thus they will be able to give the best work quality continuously.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing can be adjusted to your budget. Tell us the budget that you decide then the work will be done according to the budget.

Work Warranty

We give maintenance warranty to our work for 3 months as a way for us to maintain the work quality of Bintoro Build.

On Time

With the use of high technology such as project management application will make the progress more organized which make the work can be done on time as it is scheduled.

Best Material

Work material have important role in the quality, which is why we only uses the best material that have the best quality.

Free Termite Proofing

On some of our work, we give free termite proofing as service to preserve the wood material used in the construction.

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Working with BintoroBuild : Renovation Service, Building Contractor, and Architecture


Working with Bintoro Build Roadmap

We thank you to consider Bintoro Build as one of the services that you want to use to build your dream house. There are a few processes that will be done if you decide to use our service that you can see on our list on the side.

It is a pleasure for us to be able to take a part in building your dream house. Therefore, we will work as best as we could to give the best quality that you expected.

Almost all work in Bintoro Build have to begin with inspection so you will be able to give the entire detail of your dream building to us. Then we will be able to analyze them correctly.

If you already have your own architecture drawing from other architect then you can discuss them with our Quality Surveyor team so we can learn about the drawing.

However, if you have not had house drawing, then we have a house design architecture drawing service that you can use for Free if you use our engineering service. As a proof of agreement, you can transfer Rp. 10.000.000,- beforehand, then when you use Bintoro Build engineering service then the amount of money you transfer will be use to pay for the engineering service which will deduct the total Budget Estimate Plan.

But if you do not use our engineering service, then we will charge it as our design service price. When there is leftover from the amount transferred, it will be transfer back to you.

The Budget Estimate Plan will be send after drawing consultation process is done. If you tell us your budget, then we will create the BEP according to your budget. In BEP we will give detail information about our work, raw material specification, duration, work time estimation, and cost for each work. We will try to give BEP offer that suit your budget.

You can learn our BEP then make some adjustment to suit your budget. You can also add or reduce the work to make it more suitable with your budget.

We will create work agreement contract if you approve the BEP that we give, this agreement paper will include :

  • Cost and material specification detail
  • Project duration
  • Payment schedule
  • Contractor and client rights and obligations

Work cannot be changed, reduced or add according to work agreement contract. If you want to change something then we will create Addendum work.

After work agreement contract is signed, then we will send the invoice. Please do the first payment right away so we can start our work.

Our work will be done according to the BEP and work agreement contract. If you want to change, add or reduce something, please talk to our project manager so the construction would not be disturbed.

Please do not ask to change, add, or reduce directly to the worker since it will disturb the project process, if so then we will be free from all charges.

If you change, reduce or add work and have communicate with our project manager then we will give you the Addendum letter.

If there is additional work in the Addendum letter then we will charge it in separated invoice. If there is reduction on the work then we will give the money back or done some adjustment to the BEP.

After we done our work, we will inspect the work checklist together to ensure that the work quality suit your wish. If you are agreed, then we will give official record.

Our official record will be divided into two, as follows :

  1. Partial official record
    Which is the official record for each work term
  2. Final official record
    Which is the final work record

If you have signed the official record, then you cannot do any revision to the work anymore.

We give 3 months work warranty to maintain our work quality and to ensure you feel comfortable and safe when using Bintoro Build service.

Bintoro Corp consist of a few company units such as:

  • Pest Control Services in
  • Cleaning Service in
  • Moving Service in

If you are SATISFIED when using Bintoro Build service then you give TESTIMONY and RECOMMEND our service to the people that you love, then we will give bonus in our other service.

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